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Creating and Evaluating Assignments, Rubrics, and Self Assessments

Sep 17, 2024 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Registration Deadline: Sep 17, 2024 10:30 AM

In this workshop, we'll address different ways to assess student performance and provide feedback.   

Note: If you are also or only interested in the Quiz tool, we suggest signing up for the Exploring Brightspace's Quizzes and Question Pool Features workshop as the Quiz tool is not covered in this workshop.

In this workshop you will:  

  • learn to create both graded and ungraded assessments using different Brightspace tools   
  • provide feedback to students in different modalities (e.g., text, audio) and with different tools  
  • learn to create and link rubrics to your assignments and to other evaluated activities  
To prepare for the workshop, we recommend that you:  
  1. Request your OWL Brightspace personal sandbox if you haven't already. Request your sandbox at Sandbox access can take up to a week and you'll be notified by email when it's ready.
  2. Review the following sections of Western's OWL Brightspace Self-Guided Instructor Training and make note of any question or tasks related to the session description:
  • Phase III: Activities and Interactions (Self-Assessments, Surveys, and Rubrics sections only)
  • Phase IV: Assessments (Assignments section only) 
How to Access Western's Self-Guided Instructor Training: 
  1. Sign into OWL Brightspace at 
  2. On the purple tool bar at the top of the page, select "Help," then choose "Self-Guided Instructor Training." 
Visit for more information about resources for learning to teach with OWL Brightspace!