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Using Brightspace Communication Tools to Support Students and Instructors

Jul 24, 2024 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Registration Deadline: Jul 24, 2024 08:30 AM

OWL Brightspace has a variety of tools to help you better connect with students, share course expectations, and quickly identify when a student might benefit from an individual communication from the instructor.    
Because this workshop demonstrates key organization tasks to complete after migration regardless which migration option you've chosen, this workshop may also be helpful for instructors who are still not yet sure which course migration option to choose after reviewing the course migration option information found on the Requesting Course Migration information page. 

This workshop combines hands-on practice with a demonstration of these tools for communicate with and supporting students: 

  • Checklists 
  • Announcements 
  • Calendar  
  • Email 
  • Intelligent Agents 

This is a "hands-on" workshop. To prepare for the workshop, we recommend that you: 
1. Request your OWL Brightspace personal sandbox if you haven't already. 
Request your sandbox at Sandbox access can take up to a week and you'll be notified by email when it's ready.
2. Review the following sections of Western's OWL Brightspace Self-Guided Instructor Training and make note of any question or tasks related to the session description:
  • Phase II: Building Content (Checklist section only)  
  • Phase III: Activities and Interactions (Announcements, Calendar, and Intelligent Agents sections only
How to Access Western's Self-Guided Instructor Training:  
  1. Sign into OWL Brightspace at 
  2. On the purple tool bar at the top of the page, select "Help," then choose "Self-Guided Instructor Training." 
Visit for more information about resources for learning to teach with OWL Brightspace!